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Edfinancial's HES is now EdamericaEdamerica logo

Edfinancial Services provides exceptional customer-driven services and products. With more than 25 years of experience in higher education, our customers rely on our industry insight and technological innovation to create operational efficiencies and meaningful solutions. We are passionately committed to excellence, innovation and integrity, fostering a sense of community and striving always to do the right thing for our customers.

Contact Information for Schools*

* If you are a borrower, please visit our Contact page.


Edamerica, formerly Higher Education Solutions (HES), improves student success with a host of innovative and high-touch solutions targeting enrollment, retention, completion and student loan repayment. Read more about Edamerica and our line of student success support services.

Repayment Servicing

We offer quality student loan repayment servicing with the philosophy of "one call resolution" - our customer care representatives always go above and beyond to maximize customer satisfaction. We strive to answer all customer calls within 30 seconds, and our call recording software ensures quality customer service while facilitating training. Edfinancial's call center philosophy is "one call resolution" - there's no pressure to rush callers. In dealing with past-due borrowers, our debt management representatives function as counselors rather than collectors.

We always go above and beyond to maximize service for our customers. For example, federal regulations require that servicers make at least four diligent efforts to contact borrowers by phone and send four letters up to the 180th day of delinquency. Throughout the collection process, Edfinancial performs additional steps on behalf of our partner lenders and schools, exceeding requirements and expediting the collection process.

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