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You don't have to pay for student loan assistance!


Edfinancial Services is aware individuals have received calls from companies identifying themselves to be associated with your student loans. Please be aware that Edfinancial Services does not have any affiliates; communications sent by us will be from ‘Edfinancial Services’ or ‘Edfinancial Services’ only.

We know student loan debt can be overwhelming and there are several for-profit "debt relief" companies (also referred to as “Third Party Debt Relief” companies) which claim they can help consolidate, defer, or forgive your student loan debt - for a fee. We want borrowers to know student loan assistance is available for free and many of the companies behind these offers have sophisticated marketing tactics to target unsuspecting students, borrowers, parents, and military service members and their families. These companies may charge money to “go toward your student loan” and promise complete loan forgiveness, lower monthly payments, or lower interest rates, but many are not able to deliver on those promises or are completing applications on the borrower's behalf for programs which they may not agree to.

How to Identify Contact from Edfinancial

  • Our representatives will always identify themselves by their first name and advise they are calling from Edfinancial.
  • We will never demand a fee or immediate payment, but rather ask if you are able to afford your current payment and advise of available repayment options.

Red Flags to Identify Third Party Debt Relief Companies

  • They require you to pay up-front or monthly fees for student loan assistance.
  • They promise immediate/fast-tracked and total loan forgiveness or cancellation.
  • They ask you to sign and submit a third-party authorization form or a power of attorney.
  • They claim their offer is limited and encourage you to act immediately.
  • They leave a “reference number”.
  • They don’t identify themselves as your federal student loan servicer.
  • Some callers can mask various phone numbers to appear as Edfinancial’s phone number, so be sure to look for our other identifying factors above.
If you have been harmed by a "debt relief" entity, you may report them to these resources:
Please note that you can read more about avoiding student loan scams by visiting the U.S. Department of Education’s website.
Your student loan servicer has your specific account information and is the most knowledgeable about your loan details and repayment options. Edfinancial does not release your personal information to unauthorized third parties. You can read more about the information we collect or release in our privacy policy.

We encourage you to explore your repayment options through your online account with Edfinancial Services:
The online process will walk you through various options available according to your specific loan type. Your income information may be required for some specific repayment plan quotes.

You may also read an overview of different repayment options and various forgiveness programs in our Help Center.

Edfinancial Services, in business since 1987, is committed to providing exceptional customer service free of charge. We have an extensive knowledge of the programs that are available to help those who seek relief; we know they can be confusing and that's why we're here to help. You can find information about your available options here on our website or on the U.S. Department of Education's website: https://studentaid.gov

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