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Welcome Video Transcript

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Edfinancial Welcome Video

[background music]

[Edfinancial Services logo]

Your student loan servicer

[fade to new screen]

[hand draws the outline of the state of Tennessee with a marker and draws star on the map to designate Knoxville]

Located in Knoxville, Tennessee

[text fades, hand drawing of the state of Tennessee with star designating Knoxville and caption of TN remains on screen]

We've been providing outstanding service to student loan customers for over 25 years

[fade to new screen]

[hand writes text with marker]

How did Edfinancial become your servicer?

[image with check mark in box appears as bullet point]

You completed your FAFSA, received an award letter and signed a Master Promissory Note

[image with check mark in box appears as bullet point]

The Dept. of Education sent funds to your selected school for tuition and other expenses

[image with check mark in box appears as bullet point]

Edfinancial Services was designated by the Dept. of Education as your loan servicer to help you successfully manage repayment of your loans

[screen changes to include only the last answer for emphasis]

[fade to new screen]

We are here to help you navigate each phase of repayment:

[hand drawing of school building appears]

[hand writes the following caption with marker]


[hand drawing of arrow pointing to drawing of calendar appears]

[hand writes the following caption with marker]


[hand drawing of arrow pointing to drawing of check appears]

[hand writes the following caption with marker]


[text fades for next screen but hand drawings of school building, calendar, and check remain and group together]

[hand draws cloud outline around the grouping with marker]

[hand drawing of bubbles to make cloud image a thought bubble appears with hand drawing of female graduate giving a thumbs up hand signal]

We are happy to answer all of your questions, big or small...

[hand removes drawing of female graduate]

[fade to new screen]

[hand drawing of male professional in suit appears on right, pointing to questions that are appearing one at a time in random locations on the page and in various font sizes]

What is my balance?

How is interest calculated?

When is my first payment due?

When will I pay off my loan?

What is a grace period or PLUS deferment?

What if I can't afford my monthly payment?

[questions disappear]

[human hand removes drawing of male professional]

Contact our outstanding customer service team to find out more about repayment options available to you.

[hand drawing of a cell phone, envelope with @ sign to signify email, and outline of browser window appear with captions]




They can help you understand the many choices available and find the solution to fit your needs.

[fade to new screen]

Connect with our social media team for important student loan updates and repayment tips.

[hand draws Facebook icon]


[hand draws Twitter icon]


[fade to new screen]

Call us today for more information about the path to successful student loan repayment.

[hand places hand drawing of street sign with signs pointing to Cash Flow, Respect, Growth, Achievements, and Career on the right-hand side of the screen]

[hand draws phone number in marker]


Monday - Thursday:  8:00am - 8:30pm EST
Friday:  8:00am - 6:00pm EST

[fade to blank screen]

[background music ends]